Accounts Receivable/Notes

Our field examiners have extensive experience in dealing with a variety of business types, giving us the ability to summarize the condition and performance of the working capital collateral.

WFA Accounts Receivable exams deal with a wide variety of industries, giving us an advantage in assisting in a large range of credits.

Standard procedures include invoice review, cash receipts verification, dilution (non-cash reductions to A/R) calculation, A/P and tax review. WFA calculates a comparative Borrowing Base Certificate to compare to the borrower’s certificate (where applicable). Please see the sample field exam report in the Library section. WFA will modify its standard exam to provide the clients with the information they need.

Note Reviews (notes, leases, etc.) include a sampling of the portfolio to verify that the borrower’s system is accurately reflecting the underlying notes/contracts. Original documentation (notes, titles, etc.) are also reviewed to verify the collateral documents are properly executed and properly assigned to the client.